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PureFlowz Shirt LS Men


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A Short Story

No doubt, the requirements for MTB-apparel are higher than for other sports textiles.  Particularly in MTB-shorts, we are searching for the jack of all trades…


What does a MTB-shirt need to have to get you into the flow on the trail?  This was the briefing for PureFlowz, our new trail shirt line.  And, PureFlowz does provide the best conditions next to your skin for it.  The Drirelease fabric…


The MTB-shirts with techy materials strategically placed in the right zones, we call TechZonez. In our TechZonez shirts we combine airy, fine mesh with S.Café Technology polyester.  This technology applies recycled coffee ground in an energy saving…

Pro Techzonez

The speed on your bike, zooming through nature, contributes a lot to the fascination of mountain biking.  However, particularly on longer downhills the wind chill can be very unpleasant and make you shiver.  The innovative ProTechZonez-Shirt protects…

Bike-Friendly Lifestyle

We love shredding trails in nature, however, we spend mostly more time in the city in an office. At least we can spend a little bit time on two wheels on our way to work…

Santa Stella

Zimtstern MTB-products comprise in addition to the usual features a rather unconventional protection device: the blessing of Santa Stella, the mountain bikers‘ patron saint…

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Life is a trail… ride it your style.