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Santa Stella da Canella

Santa Stella, protect me from car drivers, snake bites and broken bones

Zimtstern In addition to the usual features, MTB products also have a different kind of protective equipment integrated: the blessing of Santa Stella, the patron saint of mountain bikers.

There are various legends about Santa Stella da Canella. One tells of a girl from a mountain village in the Swiss Alps who saved the life of an early mountain biker, but paid for it with her own life. Another legend portrays Stella as a being from another planet, whose mission is to spice up people's lives while protecting them from harm.

Whatever the story of Santa Stella, what is certain is that mountain bikers could use a special level of protection. Therefore we enclose Zimtstern on the details that contribute special value. Starting with the selection of particularly resistant fabrics and solid workmanship with triple stitching to Santa Stella's blessing...


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