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And Speed ​​Is Your Friend

The speed at which you rush through nature on your bike is what makes MTB fascinating. However, especially on longer downhill journeys, the wind cools you down quickly and an unpleasant shiver spoils the fun. The innovative ProTechZonez shirt protects you from the cooling wind and is a more breathable and flexible alternative to a jacket.

In the new ProTechZonez, an innovative laminated material is used on the front side that is stretchable in all directions, is very light and has a soft, pleasant feel, is breathable, but is wind- and waterproof and is manufactured according to the strictest environmental standards.

On the other hand, a polyester material with a 3-D weave structure and moisture-transporting properties is used on the back of the sleeves and back. When folded, the ProTechZonez shirt also fits easily in a backpack or back pocket.

Ideal for all downhill fans, e-mountain bikers and speed addicts or in cooler weather ...


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