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Shirts with built-in flow

The EcoFlowz shirts are soft and supple on the skin and convey a dry, cool feeling thanks to their breathable properties.

This comfort comes from the innovative, eco-friendly drirelease Naia material. Naia is made from cellulose fibers from eucalyptus and pine forests from sustainable forestry in a closed-loop process and scores better than comparable fibers in the ecological balance.

The PureFlowz fabric feels even better when you know that the comfort is not created by chemical treatment and is therefore also permanent and is not washed out. Accordingly, the use of this substance is also more environmentally friendly. The secret of the Drirelease material lies in the combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers, which treat moisture naturally by pulling the moisture away from the skin on the inside and allowing it to evaporate in the air on the outside.


The outstanding comfort and climate management of the EcoFlowz fabric do not require any chemical treatment, because it is created through the combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers and is therefore permanent and cannot be washed out.

With EcoFlowz shirts, the flow is almost woven in.

EcoFlowz products

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