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Bulletz - Going Ballistic

If the predominant direction of travel is downhill, then the right outfit is called "Bulletz".

A somewhat stronger polyester material than usual is used for the shirts, which can withstand correspondingly more. The fabric comes with the S.Café technology, in which polyester fibers are treated with recycled coffee grounds in an energy-saving process under high pressure, which changes the surface of the yarn and its characteristics. The effect of the coffee grounds treatment is that the fabrics dry faster, absorb odors and reflect UV radiation.

The Bulletz Shorts are equipped on the back with a waterproof 3-layer shell material and taped seams to withstand mud or mud shots when wet. Side quilted crash panels offer protection if you come up with the textile instead of the tires while scrubbing. 

Bulletz - Gravity Gear

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Life is a trail. Ride It Your Style.