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Brand Story

Made for friends - Made for good times

Why is the name of the clothing brand Zimtstern actually Zimtstern? Initially thought of as a funny idea, it quickly became clear that the Zimtsterne from the oven, in a figurative sense, have the same ingredients:

The best ingredients that are harmless to the environment and processed with the highest quality, a special design with an exotic spice note and an alpine origin. But mostly made for friends.

That's how ours should be Zimtsternproducts are somehow also luxury items, because we want you to have fun in nature with our products, to be able to enjoy the mountains and to look good in them - whether on the trail, in the deep snow slope or in the café. That's how it was in the early days of Zimtstern Mid XNUMX's and still is today.

Three things are important to us:

Function & quality

Our products have to function optimally even in extreme conditions, which is why we only use materials with the best technical properties and process them in such a way that you can enjoy them for a long time.


The Zimtstern Design is kept simple and purposeful, but with surprising, meaningful details and has a casual look.


We are not satisfied with just sticking green labels on our products. We have bundled our entire production in one production facility, where we also know that there are the highest quality and highest social standards that are regularly checked and that there is no environmental impact from the manufacture of our products. When selecting our fabrics, we pay attention to certification according to ecological standards.


Life is a trail. Ride It Your Style.