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A short story

To make a short story long ...

No question about it, MTB textiles have to meet higher requirements than other sports textiles. Especially when it comes to MTB pants, we are all looking for the "egg-laying woolly milk pig": it should fit, it shouldn't restrict movement, it should be robust and not be scratched by the next branch rushing by, it should offer storage space, but not bulge , It has to be lightweight, it should keep out water and dirt, but it mustn't be too sweaty either, appearance is very important, and so on ...

To the Zimtstern bike shorts has developed a real fan base over the years, because they Zimtstern MTB pants meet many and very high demands. taila and Start rackz are our most popular female models and Tauruz and Trail star the male pop (o) stars. These models are true all-rounders and can do anything from tours to freeride. The new Evo versions have become a little longer, have optimized pocket solutions and do without anything that could disturb.

All four models consist primarily of a high-quality nylon fabric with elastane content, which is very elastic in all directions, but so robust and tough that it can withstand ordinary falls without major damage. In addition, the material has a finish that makes it dirt and water repellent. With the triple stitching and solid workmanship, our shorts are designed to last without adding a lot of weight.

All pants have at least one zippered pocket, which is designed in such a way that a smartphone can be stowed safely on the side of the thigh.

Although Santa Stella - patron saint of mountain bikers - is practically integrated in the inner seam, we still recommend wearing additional protectors. Incidentally, these can be easily accommodated under the slightly longer trouser legs. The Trail star and the Start rackz also have a super comfortable elastane insert on the back waistband that ensures a perfect fit.

Made for friends: The legendary Taila Evo, Startrackz Evo, Tauruz Evo and Trailstar Evo


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