Brand Story

Why is our apparel brand named Zimtstern?  Zimtsterne (english: cinnamon stars) are traditional christmas cookies and have their origin in Southwest Germany and Switzerland.  And besides all performance, technology and sustainability aspects, we like the idea that the use of Zimtstern products is like a treat to indulge yourself with – just like the cookies.  We want you guys to have good times with our product outdoors and that you can enjoy the mountains and eventually… that you look great on the trail, the deep snow slope or in a café.   This is how it used to be in the early days of Zimtstern and still is nowadays.

Zimtstern‘s three points of major importance:



The Zimtstern Design is simplistic, but with surprising, smart details and a casual look. 

Performance and Quality

Our products must perform optimally even in extreme conditions.  Therefore we use only materials with the best functional properties and craft them in a way ensuring  you can enjoy them for a long time.




We don‘t want to just put some green labels on our product in order to appear „green“.  Actually, we have concentrated all our production in one facility, where we can be really sure and personally audit that production meets or exceeds the highest quality and social standards and that the production of our product is not polluting the environment in any way.  The certification by ecological standards is our key criteria selecting fabrics for our product. 

Zimtstern – Made For Friends

Life is a trail… ride it your style.