To Make A Short Story Long

No doubt, the requirements for MTB-apparel are higher than for other sports textiles.  Particularly in MTB-shorts, we are searching for the jack of all trades: perfectly fitting, allowing freedom of movement, being robust, not getting torn by the next branch flying by, providing sufficient storage capacity, but without bulging, being lightweight, yet, water and dirt repellent, being breathable and not too hot and after all, of course, good looking…

The Zimtstern bike shorts have built a real fan base over time, because our bike shorts simply meet or exceed a lot of those high requirements. Taila and Startrackz are our most popular Women‘s models and Tauruz and Trailstar are the male pendants.  These bike shorts are sort of Swiss army knives and great companions wherever you take them, from epic tours to badass freeriding.  The new Evo-versions have slightly longer legs, optimized pockets and nothing that might hamper your ride.


All four models feature a high-quality nylon fabric with elasthane, to make it stretchable in all directions, while being durable and tough, to survive crashes usually without harm.  Moreover, the material has a finish, to make it dirt and water repellent.  Due to triple-stitched, solid craftsmanship our shorts are built to last, without being heavy.

All shorts feature minimum a zipper-locked pocket, designed to store a smartphone safely on the sides of the thighs.  Although Santa Stella – patron saint of mountain bikers – is kind of integrated in the inner seam, we recommend wearing protectors in addition nonetheless.

A special feature of Trailstar and Startrackz is the super-comfortable elasthane flex zone on the back of the waist that provides a perfect fit.

Made for friends: The legendary Taila Evo, Startrackz Evo, Tauruz Evo und Trailstar Evo

Life is a trail… ride it your style.